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WJSV Complete Day

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WJSV Complete Day


Thursday, September 21st, 1939, radio station WJSV in Washington, D.C., recorded their entire broadcast day -- from sign on, to sign off.

This was before the advent of magnetic recording tape, so transcription disks were used. The overall quality of these disk recordings is good to excellent, except for a few spots of noticeable distortion. These transcriptions were transferred to tape in their entirety, except for the ommission of the evening re-broadcast of FDR's address to Congress.

You will hear everything as it was the day it was recorded -- that includes the pops and crackles, the station breaks, and the technical difficulties, along with all the music, comedy, drama, news, and advertisements that were aired on September 21st, 1939.

Let this be your guide, and your MP3 player be your time machine, as you sit back, relax, and take a trip back to those days when 15 cents would buy a hamburger, a six-pack of Coke costs a quarter, and the future was on display at the 1939 New York World's Fair.

Broadcast Schedule
WJSV Washington, D.C.
Thursday, September 21st, 1939

From: 05:59-06:30 -- Sign On and Sundial - Recorded Music
From: 06:30-07:00 -- Sundial - Arthur Godfrey
From: 07:00-07:30 -- Sundial - Arthur Godfrey
From: 07:30-08:00 -- Sundial - Arthur Godfrey
From: 08:00-08:05 -- Arrow News
From: 08:05-08:30 -- Sundial - Arthur Godfrey
From: 08:30-08:45 -- Certified Magic Carpet
From: 08:45-09:00 -- Bachelor's Children
From: 09:00-09:15 -- Pretty Kitty Kelly
From: 09:15-09:30 -- Myrt And Marge
From: 09:30-09:45 -- Hilltop House
From: 09:45-10:00 -- Kay Fairchild, Stepmother
From: 10:00-10:15 -- CBS News and Mary Lee Taylor Program
From: 10:15-10:30 -- Brenda Curtis
From: 10:30-10:45 -- Big Sister
From: 10:45-11:00 -- Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories
From: 11:00-11:15 -- Jean Abbey
From: 11:15-11:30 -- When A Girl Marries
From: 11:30-11:45 -- The Romance Of Helen Trent
From: 11:45-12:00 -- Our Gal Sunday
From: 12:00-12:15 -- The Goldbergs
From: 12:15-12:30 -- Life Can Be Beautiful
From: 12:30-12:45 -- Road Of Life
From: 12:45-13:00 -- This Day Is Ours
From: 13:00-13:15 -- Sunshine Report
From: 13:15-13:30 -- The Life And Love Of Dr. Susan
From: 13:30-13:45 -- Your Family And Mine
From: 13:45-14:00 -- News Followed By Albert Warner
From: 14:00-15:00 -- President's Address followed by Premier Daladier
From: 15:00-15:10 -- Commentary & Analysis On The President's Address
From: 15:10-15:25 -- The Career Of Alice Blair
From: 15:25-15:30 -- Arrow News
From: 15:30-15:45 -- Rhythm & Romance
From: 15:45-16:00 -- Scattergood Baines
From: 16:00-17:17 -- Baseball - Cleveland at Washington
From: 17:17-17:30 -- The World Dances
From: 17:30-17:45 -- Arrow News followed by Time Out
From: 17:45-18:00 -- Sports With Harry McTigue
From: 18:00-18:15 -- Amos 'n' Andy
From: 18:15-18:30 -- The Parker Family
From: 18:30-19:00 -- Joe E. Brown
From: 19:00-19:30 -- Ask-It Basket
From: 19:30-19:55 -- Strange As It Seems
From: 19:55-20:00 -- Elmer Davis And The News
From: 20:00-21:00 -- Major Bowes and his Original Amateur Hour
From: 21:00-21:30 -- The Columbia Workshop
From: 21:30-22:00 -- Americans At Work
From: 22:00-22:15 -- Arrow News & Edwin C. Hill Commentary
From: 22:15-22:30 -- Streamline Interlude
From: 22:30-22:45 -- The Midweek Review With Albert Warner
From: 22:45-23:21 -- Repeat of FDR Speech
From: 23:21-23:30 -- Jerry Livingstone & His Orchestra
From: 23:30-24:00 -- Teddy Powell Orchestra
From: 00:00-00:30 -- Louis Prima Orchestra
From: 00:30-01:02 -- Bob Chester Orchestra, News & Signoff

OTRR Certification Information:

Series Name: WJSV Complete Day
Certification Status: OTRR Non Certified
Certification Date: November 7, 2010
Certification Version: Version 1
Number of CDs: 3

From the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. See "Note" Section below for more information on the OTRR.



This is a production of the Old Time Radio Researchers Group located at Old Time Radio Researchers Website and the Old Time Radio Researchers Group.

It contains the most complete and accurate version of this series in the best sound possible at the time of creation. An updated version will be issued if more episodes or better sounding ones become available.

If you are interested in preserving old time radio, you may wish to join the Old Time Radio Researchers Group at Yahoo.

Relax, listen, and enjoy!

OTRR Definitions:

OTRR Certified Accurate -- A series that is Certified Accurate indicates that all the episodes are properly identified and labeled but that the series does not contain all known extant episodes.

OTRR Certified Complete -- A series that is Certified Complete is the highest level of certification available under the OTRR Certified Standards. This certification level implies that all the files in the series are Certified Accurate but also indicates that the series is as complete as possible – it includes all extant episodes.

OTRR Non-Certified -- A collection of shows that has not gone through the OTRR Certification process.


Reviewer: xbob2000 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 27, 2015
Subject: thank you
I cannot ever remember being more entertained than I was by this recording. I found every moment fascinating. Anyone interested in history, media, sports, or American life give a listen.
Thank you so much to those responsible for the upload.
Reviewer: Moose Malloy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 28, 2012
Subject: Unique and wonderful item.
I love this so much. I have downloaded hundreds if not thousands of items from If I lost every one and could only re-download one more item, this would be it.

I was born almost 40 years after this day, but the atmosphere these recordings generate to anyone sympathetic to the period is overwhelming and humbling.

With regards to audio quality, the OTRR have provided a much improved version here, than was previously available to the Internet Archive. The greater subtleties of the voices, sounds and music brings us even closer to that marvellous day.

Thank-you to all who made these hours of listening possible.
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